Some of my earliest memories were of my mom sewing clothes, doodling flowers on a pad by a phone as she spoke, or folding roses from pink strips of fabrics. My uncles would babysit my sister and me and copy sketches from the Japanese illustrated hairstyle books my mom kept at home, and we would follow suit. And growing up in my mom’s hair salon, which was my second home, I was fed on fashion magazines, fairytales to keep me day dreaming, and of course the delightful company of well coifed ladies. It was a creative environment that nurtured a dreamer that wanted to become a fashion designer in Paris or New York.
As I grew older and the time came to make a decision on what to study in college, I tried to be practical and study biology while also appeasing the creative side and majoring in studio art. Painting and sculpting became my saving grace while I struggled in Pre-Med, knowing it was not the right fit for me. Coming from an immigrant family that escaped a war torn country, stability was the most important thing. While I understood that having a stable job in medicine made sense, everything in me still fought and desired to become a fashion designer. After graduating college and against a lot of opposition, I started fashion school at the local community college where I met a wonderfully supportive group of friends and professors. After two years at Houston Community College, I applied to FIT and gained acceptance in 2006. It was the most exciting news of my life, because I knew it would change everything.
I left everything behind for a brand new start in New York. I graduated from FIT in 2008, and afterwards I immediately started working at a beading and embroidery house. Designing embellishments perfectly combined elements of sculpture, collage, and detailed couture work that I so loved in evening wear. Working at an embroidery house also meant that I got to work with some of my heroes, such as Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang. It really was dream come true.
Taking things a step further, in 2010 I decided to create Bloom Bazaar, a line of high end accessories. I dreamt of Bloom Bazaar being a place to discover the unexpected, whimsical, and ethereal; a magical bazaar filled with rare and lovely finds. Inspired by vintage heirlooms, fairytales, and springtime blossoms, I began to make sparkling head pieces and sashes lush with flowers. Things have come full circle and when I come home to visit, I find my mom making flowers again. Together, we hand make each and every piece, me out of my studio in New York, and she out of her salon  in Houston.