Wednesday, March 28, 2012

18 Paper Lanterns, Polka Dot Pin-wheels, and Vintage Milk Glass

I grew up in a house rich with Asian inspired rose-wood furniture and an extensive collection of vintage milk glass, collected by my father throughout the years. When it came time to decorate for the engagement, I had the fun challenge of highlighting the furniture with a few special added touches: string lights, pinwheels and pennant strings from BHLDN, and 18 paper lanterns from Pottery Barn. Here are a few photos of the results...

pinwheels and pennant strings from BHLDN
18 paper lanterns "floating" out of a trunk
string lights accent the pennant strings
paper umbrellas from Thailand placed atop wicker dividers 
milk glass used for the tea ceremony
and more milk glass brimming full of sugary sweet baby roses

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